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Brimsdown is a Maths No Problem accredited school and as part of our continuing work with the Maths Hubs and our firm commitment to improving standards in Maths for all children, we hold Singapore maths open mornings to showcase the huge transformation that we have embraced in the teaching and learning of Maths at Brimsdown. These mornings demonstrate the effectiveness of a text book approach, coupled with workbooks and assessment papers for years 1 to 6, and are based on the evidence-based approach developed in Singapore that clearly embeds the mastery curriculum.




Photo of pencil pot and blurred background in primary classroom

Supporting Deaf Learners and British Sign Language

At Brimsdown with have a Hearing Impairment Resource Base – HIRBiE. We teach all children BSL and offer outreach support for a small change.


We offer BSL courses after school and in the evening.

Brimsdown BSL Course Level 1 Flyer 2019.doc

Brimsdown BSL Course Level 2 Flyer 2019.doc


We pride ourselves on being a happy place to work and have lots of different things in place to support staff well-being and work life balance. We are always happy for schools to contact us to discuss ideas and share practice.




Fast Feedback

We host Fast Feedback conferences along with Lavender Primary School, also part of The Ivy Learning Trust. Fast Feedback is our no marking approach. We believe feedback should be  meaningful, manageable, motivating. Fast Feedback reduces workload for teachers, increases quality feedback and improves the outcomes for pupils. We trust in our teachers and want them to have time to focus on the importance of teaching outstanding lessons .

Please contact us on info@brimsdown.enfield.sch.uk or contact@brimsdown.enfield.sch.uk

Our Values for Open Events

Humility – We value the experiences and perspectives of others, and we recognize our limitations. We appreciate that our efforts complement a range of initiatives that seek to reduce educational inequity, and that we will only be a small step in the right direction.

Collaboration – We are committed to partnering effectively with schools, communities, and other groups to ensure that our work advances the broader good for all children.

Transparency – We will be transparent about our strength and weaknesses, and open about our successes and failures.