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The largest volunteer force in the country

School governors are ordinary people from the local community who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. They are the largest volunteer force in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. Governors are not involved in the day-to-day management of the school.

Almost anyone can become a school governor and you can find out more information here. All new governors receive training and support from Ivy Learning Trust and their fellow governors. If you are interested in assisting the School in this way, please contact governance@ivylearningtrust.org.

Local Governing Body

Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Trust Appointed Chair of Governors (interim)

Matt is a highly experienced chair of governors having been involved in school governance for over 20 years and, since retiring from the Metropolitan Police where he was a senior detective, he has developed a second career as a consultant within the education sector.

His working week is divided between investigating incidents or cases which take place in schools and delivering governance training and support. He was first appointed as a national leader of governance (NLG) in 2012 before taking on wider duties as an NLG advocate across London and large parts of central and south east England.

In this role he has conducted many external reviews of governance across MATs and maintained schools including special schools and faith schools.

He has chaired interim executive boards in often challenging circumstances and is also the chair of Highlands School, a large outstanding secondary school in north London.

Matt is committed to supporting all efforts to level up the educational playing field so that all children, irrespective of backgrounds or academic ability are provided with equal choice and opportunity to succeed.

In 2016 Matt was awarded an MBE for services to education.

Matt Clifford

Matt Clifford


As a primary headteacher I feel immensely privileged to be in a position where I can work hard for the children of Enfield to provide them with an inclusive, exciting education based on moral values, high expectations and academic excellence. I am extremely excited to be the headteacher of Brimsdown School and will do my upmost to support our families and make our school a real community hub.


It fills me with joy when I see my pupils motivated and enjoying their learning. Instilling children with this love of learning and the perseverance, determination and confidence to stand up for what is right, is at the heart of my educational philosophy. I want my children to remember their time at my school with a sense of pride and fulfilment; discovering their talents and cherishing the experiences and opportunities they were provided with.


By the time our pupils leave our schools we will have had the chance to influence them for nearly three quarters of their lives. It is a responsibility I feel we are very fortunate to have. Our schools belong to the children; we are just lucky to work in them. If we listen to the children, acknowledge their right to influence policy on issues that affect them and work with care and diligence then those we have the privilege of teaching will leave us with the skills, knowledge and values they need to become the successful citizens of tomorrow.

As Headteacher of Brimsdown  I am passionate about leading an inclusive school at the heart of my community and play a small part in raising an amazing generation of children who can change the world.

Paul Kirsarkye

Paul Kirsarkye

Parent Governor

A parent governor with over 15 years working within a secondary setting as a careers advisor, I work with all the secondary schools and colleges within Haringey and have links for education in surrounding boroughs.A graduate in Education and sociology, I grew up and currently work in Haringey but live in Enfield and am fully invested in education for all as well as sourcing funding for establishments providing further tutoring for SEND young adults. I work closely with social workers, family support workers as well as engage with gang action groups and heads of service. I strongly believe that every child has a right to live a fulfilling and happy life through learning and play and achieve to overcome their barriers and excel.

Katerina Pascali

Katerina Pascali

Parent Governor

I am a former pupil of Brimsdown Primary School. My son is now at the school and is in Year 2. I have lived in the Enfield area for many years and am proud to be part of the local community. I have worked within school settings so have a good understanding of the school structure. I graduated from City University with an LLB Law Degree. I wanted to work in the Entertainment/Media/Music Law industry, however my career path led me to work in schools. I love music and used to run my own fanzine. This led me to interview and photograph many rock/metal bands in the 90s era. I am currently a Lunchtime Playleader at another school in Enfield. I feel my experiences and knowledge will help me to be a good Governor at Brimsdown Primary School.

Janice Tunney

Janice Tunney

Trust Appointed Governor

I spent 40 years working in the primary education sector, 25 years as a class teacher across a variety of London boroughs and then 15 years as headteacher of an infant school with an attached nursery in Essex. Since stepping down from that role I have been studying with the Open University as well
as playing netball and looking after two grandchildren. I am also an enthusiastic singer belonging to two choirs, one in Enfield and one in central London. I am of course still keenly interested in children and their learning.

Holly Provost

Holly Provost

Trust Appointed Governor

I have lived in Enfield for 8 years working part time as a retail supervisor and raising my two boys with my partner. My eldest child attends Brimsdown Primary School and is in year 2 with a diagnosis of ASD. It hasn’t always been an easy journey for us but the school has been a great support and so I wanted to be able to support them in some way so I was appointed Trust Appointed Governor in July 2022. I have a real passion to understand my child’s diagnosis so have taken part in many Local Authority Workshops as well as enrolling on and completing courses on Understanding Autism and Safeguarding, Prevent and British Values. I have also just enrolled in a course in Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health. I believe with the correct support, inclusion, education and values, regardless of challenges every child can become the very best version of their individual selves and I am excited to see how my role can support in their journey’s.

Susan Matthai

Susan Matthai

Trust Appointed Associate Governor

I am a recently retired Consultant Paediatrician having over 35 years experience of working with children. In particular, I have had a lot of experience working with schools to support children with health conditions and their families. I moved to Enfield to be closer to family and remain very keen to be involved in activities to improve the welfare and life chances of all children. Although I am new to school governance, I have considerable previous experience in leading and developing NHS services for children. I can already see that there are many areas that overlap with education services and I look forward to working with the Governance team over the next 4 years.


NameTitleDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeAppointed by:Declaration of InterestDate Interest Declared
Matt MillerChair of Governors (Interim)Re-appointed 15/06/2023,
1 YearIvy Learning Trust1. National Leader of Governance

2. Governance trainer Enfield LA

3. Consultant Director of Governance - Enfield Learning Trust

4. Governor Training and Consultant - Ivy Learning Trust

5. Matt Miller Consultancy Ltd

6. Chair of Governors, Highlands Secondary School

7. Chair of Governors, Chesterfield Primary school

8. Chair of Governors, Hopewell Special School

9. Chair of Governors, Delta Primary school

10. Chair of Governors, Churchfield Primary school
1-8. 15/06/2022

9. 11/11/2022

10. 23/05/2023
Matt CliffordHeadteacher01/09/2022Ex-officioEx-officioGovernor at St Georges Catholic School01/09/2022
VacancyStaff Governor4 YearsElected Staff
Paul KirsarkyeParent Governor22/02/20234 YearsElected ParentNoneNA
Katerina PascaliParent Governor22/02/20234 YearsElected ParentNoneNA
Holly ProvostTrust Appointed Governor05/07/20234 YearsIvy Learning TrustNone NA
VacancyTrust Appointed Governor4 YearsIvy Learning Trust
Janice TunneyTrust Appointed Governor01/07/20224 YearsIvy Learning TrustGovernor at Eastfield primary school.01/07/2022
Susan MatthaiTrust Appointed Governor30/11/20234 YearsIvy Learning TrustNoneNA
All governors are voting members of the Local Governing Board. Panels and working groups are established as needed, but there are no ongoing committees.

Declarations of Interests for Ivy Learning Trust Members and Trustees

Attendance record

Local Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months

Local Governors who have stepped down in the last 12 months.

NameTitleDate of AppointmentDate Stepped DownAppointed by:Declaration of Interest:Date Declared:
Madeleine RobertsTrust Appointed Governor01/06/202221/03/2024Ivy Learning TrustMember of senior leadership, Ark John KeatsNovember 2022
Zainab IqbalTrust Appointed Governor25/03/202112/01/2024Ivy Learning TrustNoneN/A
Marina SophocleousStaff GovernorRe-appointed 3/12/2019, 03/12/20152/12/2023Elected StaffNoneN/A
Saziye KemalTrust Appointed Governor01/06/202220/09/2023Ivy Learning TrustNoneNA

Governance documents which need to be available for public inspection can be requested by emailing the governance professional at governance@ivylearningtrust.org