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Applying for a school place

Brimsdown Primary School admits 60 children into Nursery and 90 into Reception each September. (We offer 30 hours within our nursery – please speak with the office about this.) The school admissions policy is in line with London Borough of Enfield procedures. The Local Education Authority is responsible for admissions to our county schools, and any parent whose request for a place is refused has the right to appeal to this body.

Admissions criteria and details of how to apply for a school place online can be found by following the link below.

Applying for a Nursery School and Primary in Enfield

Applying for a Secondary School in Enfield

You can find our admissions policies below:

Admissions Arrangements for Brimsdown Primary school 2022/2023

Admissions Policy 2022/23.pdf

Admissions Policy 2021/22.pdf

Children are admitted to the Reception classes during the autumn term of the school year (1st September to 31st August) in which they reach their 5th birthday. All children start school initially on a part time basis to help them settle in successfully. Children’s specific needs will be dealt with individually.

The application period for a Primary or Nursery place for September 2019 will be open from October 2018 – January 2019. Applications for the next academic year should be made here.

The school is committed to ensuring children settle into school happily. During the summer term prior to them starting school, parents receive information about their child’s induction process, including an information meeting and start dates.

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In School admissions

If you move into Enfield and require a school place for your child, you will need to complete the ‘in-year’ application process. Please follow the line below for more details.

How to make an in-year application

Transferring to Secondary Schools

Information about transferring to secondary schools can be found by clicking on the link below to download the Enfield guide for children starting secondary school in September 2019.

Faith schools, selective schools and schools outside the London Borough of Enfield may have different admissions criteria and you are advised to contact the individual schools or to visit their websites for further information.

Secondary Transfer

Appeals Process

If your child has not been offered a place at the school of choice you may appeal. Please complete the form available here, and provide a copy to the school office.

22 May 2021 – Last day for admission appeals.

Admission appeals during COVID-19

Temporary regulations came into force in April 2020 to amend the School Admission Appeal Regulations 2012, to help admission authorities carry out appeals during the pandemic.

These temporary regulations will now remain in force until 30 September 2021 (the date was extended from 31 January 2021).

The key changes in place until 30 September include:

  • Flexibility with panel hearings – when it’s not safe to meet face-to-face (in line with government guidance), hearings can take place remotely by telephone or video conference, or through a paper-based appeal where all parties can make representations in writing
  • Amendments to deadlines – appellants must now be:
    • given at least 28 calendar days’ written notice of a deadline for lodging an appeal
    • given at least 14 calendar days’ written notice of an appeal hearing (although appellants can waive their right to this in writing)
    • sent a decision letter within 7 calendar days of the hearing (or in the case of written submissions only, within 7 calendar days of the appeal panel making a decision), wherever possible
  • Relaxation of rules around panel member numbers – if 1 of the 3 panel members withdraws (temporarily or permanently), the panel can continue with and conclude the appeal as a panel of 2

Admissions Arrangements Consultation 2023-24 


We propose

  • to add information around the rules around children of staff; and
  • reduce the PAN from 90 to 60

The consultation runs from 13 December 2021 to 31 January 2022. The final admission arrangements for academic year 2023/24 will be determined by 28 February 2022 and published by 15 March 2022.

Our proposed admission arrangements for 2023-24 can be found here.

Please send any response to governance@ivylearningtrust.org by 24 January 2022. Your responses will be taken into account when the admissions arrangements are determined.