Pupil Voice, Growth Mindset and Learning to Learn

English at Brimsdown Primary School

At Brimsdown Primary School, we recognise the development of children’s language and vocabulary is crucial to their success. We want all children to be excellent communicators, to listen actively and to speak with confidence. Children are helped to develop a love of reading, clear phonic strategies and taught to be skilful and imaginative writers. Our Fast Feedback approach allows children to self-reflect on their learning through 1:1 conferences with their teachers


Literacy and Language

Literacy and Language provides careful guidance to develop children’s reading comprehension and writing composition, with an emphasis on using grammar correctly. Through drama and whole class discussions, children acquire a wide vocabulary and have opportunities to articulate clearly and elaborate their understanding of ideas.  It stimulates and challenges children’s thinking to create enthusiastic, lifelong readers and writers.  The structure of the programme exposes children at Brimsdown to a range of stories and genres to capture their imaginations.


At Brimsdown, we are passionate about children having access to a range of quality texts to promote a deep love for learning.  We believe introducing a range of genres that develop higher order thinking skills and reading stamina, enhances children’s writing.  Guided writing sessions are used to target specific needs of both groups and individuals, whilst children have opportunities to write at length in extended independent writing sessions at the end of each unit. The children are given frequent opportunities to write in different contexts using quality texts as a model and for a variety of purposes and audiences.